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The 4th International Biennial of Photography SPACE DEFINITION 2020

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The 4th International Biennial of Photography SPACE DEFINITION 2020 refers to the tradition of landscape photography of the Kielce School of Landscape, but – taking into account so rapid transformation of the modern world – widens the range of topics including, besides Nature, other spaces where contemporary humans function: urban, industrial, private, personal.
The objective of the Organizers is to integrate those photographers who within their art attempt to define such spaces, and to confront their works at the post-competition exhibition, as well as in the published catalogue. The international dimension of the Biennial aims to show images of world filtered through individual insights of the artists from different cultures.
Although the Biennial is almost purely photographic one, we have decided to launch the video art category – for those who express themselves more thoroughly through motion pictures.
Let’s create together the panorama of interspersing landscapes of Nature and Culture defining the space of our contemporary reality, the one we live together in.

The Art Exhibition Bureau in Kielce (BWA Kielce)
BWA curator – Stanisława Zacharko-Łagowska, the head of Art Exhibition Bureau in Kielce
e-mail: / phone +48 690 996 296
Kielce City Council

I Award – The President of Kielce City Award – 5000 PLN (or the equivalent in euro)
II Award – The BWA Kielce Award – 2000 PLN (or the equivalent in euro)
III Award – The Kielce Waterworks Award – 1500 PLN (or the equivalent in euro)
A BWA Award for Video Art – 1500 PLN (or the equivalent in euro)
A Special Prize of the Kielce School of Landscape Foundation – 2000 PLN (or the equivalent in euro) – for a photograph of Polish landscape
5 honourable mentions: SPACE DEFINITION medals
The jury has the right to divide the prizes differently.

The chairman: Tomasz Tomaszewski – an artist photographer, Ph.D. from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, member of Polish Artists Photographers Union, Visum Archiv Agency in Hamburg, National Geographic Creative Agency in Washington, American Society of Media Photographers.
– Stanisława Zacharko – an art historian, art critic, artist photographer, member of the Art Council of the Polish Photographers Union, head of the Art Exhibition Bureau in Kielce

The 4th International Biennial of Photography SPACE – DEFINITION 2020 is open for everybody except for the members of the organising committee and the jury. The submission may be rejected if the Organizers find it does not meet the demands of the Biennial Rules. The submitted works must be made originally as a photography – either made on photographic emulsion and scanned to a digital file, or made with a digital camera. Each participant can submit up to 4 works (video and photo are counted separately). The submission is also a declaration that the participant has the copyright for the submitted works. The Organizers are not responsible for any copyright abuse committed by the submitters. The submitters give to the Organizers a permission to publish free their works, or parts of them, in any media related with the Biennial, and to process their personal data for the purpose of organization, information and promotion of the Biennial.
Attention: sending works and signing the entry form means the acceptance of the Biennial Rules; the works not observing the instructions below will be rejected!

September 30, 2020 – works sent to Kielce (date on the stamp, in case of traditional mail)
October 11, 2020 – the jury selects works and qualifies the participants for the exhibition
October 16, 2020 – the verdict of the jury is published (
November 06, 2020 – opening of the exhibition and awarding ceremony in the BWA Gallery in Kielce
November 27, 2020 – the exhibition is closed

Only works submitted as digital files will take part in the Biennial. Please, do not send printed copies of your works.
In case of traditional mail, a CD, DVD or PENDRIVE, an entry form printed, filled and signed, as well as a paying-in slip confirming that you paid the participation fee, should be sent to:
Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych w Kielcach, ul. Kapitulna 2, 25-011 Kielce, Poland
(please do write on the envelope: SPACE DEFINITION 2020).
In case of e-mail (which is possible only for photography) files should be sent to: (directly or via WeTransfer). The files should contain the submitted works, pdf or jpg of the entry form filled and signed, and of the paying-in slip confirming that you paid the participation fee. The title of your message should be as follows: SPACE DEFINITION 2020.

Each artist can submit up to four photographic works. The images should be a JPG file, 300 DPI minimum, sRGB, 8-bit compression quality ‚high’, the shorter edge 2450 px minimum. A single file should not be bigger than 10 MB. Each photo should be signed as follow: 00-family name-name-title-country .
Each artist can submit up to four video works. Avi, mpg2, mp4 or mwv, any resolution, 25 frames per second, each video lasting no longer than 3 minutes. Video works should be sent on CD, DVD, PENDRIVE or other media, or Wetransfered (the organizer is not responsible for sending empty or damaged media). The files and records should be signed as follow:
00-family name-name-title-country .

Each participant of the 4th International Photography Biennial SPACE DEFINITION 2020 should pay the participation fee of 60PLN/ 25 EUR. Submissions with no participation fee paid will be rejected.
The participation fee should be paid to:
(in PLN) Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych w Kielcach, Bank ING Bank Śląski: 37 1050 1461 1000 0023 5336
Please write as a title: family name – name – 4th International Photography Biennial 2020 (in EUR) do click the yellow icon >Kup teraz< (buy now) at the left bottom corner of the BWA website ( Then follow the instructions.

All participants will receive the catalogue of the 4th International Photography Biennial SPACE DEFINITION 2020. The exhibition prints will be made by the Organizers and will become their property, however the copyrights will be held by the artists. The Organizers guarantee the promotion of the works qualified for the exhibition, as well as of the exhibition itself, in various media and in the Internet. The exhibition is expected to be presented in other art galleries in Poland and abroad.
Any questions and remarks should be sent to: (photography) (video)
Due to the pandemic situation, the Organizer may change the date of jury meetings and exhibitions.


The 4th International Biennial of Photography SPACE – DEFINITION 2020 -application_form_

The 4th International Biennial of Photography SPACE – DEFINITION 2020 -application_form_

RODO Consent to data processing 2020 – English version definition of space



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